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Jalal Jalalshokouhi M.D.
Secretary of Iranian Society of Radiology

ICR 2010 after a Quarter of Century

Except 2001, annual Iranian Congress of Radiology has been held every year. Because of September eleven, there was no congress in year 2001. Instead, there were two congresses in 2007 to compensate the missed one.
According to new regulations of Iranian medical council, professional societies are authorized for educational, research affairs and directorial activities as powerful NGOs. Therefore, board of the directors of Iranian society of radiology, chairman of the board, secretary and scientific consultants have been urged to increase both countrywide and international activities. Attending in ECR 2008, 2009 and Asian-ocean congresses are examples of these activities. Invitation an Iranian representative for executive committees of ESR is a fruition of three-year international activity of Iranian society of radiology.
26th annual congress is continuation of our activities toward the second decade after year 2010. The president of 26th congress, Mahyar Ghafoori, is an associated professor of Iran University of Medical Sciences and undoubtedly is one of the members of future board of directors. He has attended in many international congresses and has given speech too. He used to be director of the first contract media symposium of Iranian society of radiology in 2007.
Development of MR sciences, interventional radiology and new volumetric X-ray cardiac CT and informatics in radiology are the newest and most amazing phenomena which has shown radiology above all medical branches and make it possible to cooperate with clinical team as a therapeutic member.
We appreciate all Iranian and foreign guests specially our colleagues from USA and Europe to attend in this congress in Tehran. You are very welcome to Iran.
President of ICR 2011 is vice president of Mahyar Ghafoori in 2010. By 2011, ECR meets Iran in Vienna.

Jalal Jalal Shokouhi , M.D
Secretary of Iranian society of radiology