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Papers Awards

The Best Oral Papers

  • Paper ID : 115 - The Value of non-EPI Diffusion-Weighted (DW) MRI versus EPI and Conventional MR Sequences in the Detection of Middle Ear Cholesteatoma
    Dr.Kavous Firooznia, Hashem Sharifian, Elham Taheri, Amir Reza Azizian, Madjid Shakiba, Pedram Borghei, Reza Farjad, M Roshanfekr, M Naghdi
  • Paper ID : 147 - Evaluation of Hepatic Vasculature in Fatty Liver Patients with Duplex Doppler Sonography
    Dr. Minoo Narooienejad
  • Paper ID : 69 - CT scan Findings In Budd-chiari Syndrome
    Dr. Behrooz Zandi

The Best E-poster Papers

  • Paper ID : 29 - The Accuracy of High Resolution Ultrasound Imaging for Detection of Secondary Hyperparathyroidism in Hemodialysis Patients
    Dr. Soheila Refahi, Bahman Bashardoust
  • Paper ID : 11 - Baashtrup’s disease, Report of three cases and review the articles
    Dr. Yasmin Davoudi